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Grade 5–8—In "Dugout Rivals," Jake Daley is looking forward to a new season of baseball. Since he was voted "Team's Best Eleven Year Old" last year, he's sure he is going to be the shortstop for the Red Sox. Then Adam Hull moves in. He can do it all: hit, field, and pitch. Suddenly, Jake has competition for the MVP trophy. Over the course of the season, he must come to terms with his shortcomings as Adam works through his own set of problems—his parents' bitter divorce and the uncertainty of moving again. During the championship game, both boys learn why there is "no 'I' in team.... Bowen's stories move along briskly with rapid-fire action sequences and end with surprising twists. Less-athletic readers may be unfamiliar with plays and sport-specific lingo. —H. H. Henderson, Heritage Middle School, Deltona, FL

Curriculum Connections
School Library Journal

"Bowen's recognizable young protagonists are deftly limned: in "Dugout Rivals" Jake must come to terms with his jealously and shortcomings, and in Hardcourt Comeback (both Peachtree, 2010; Gr 3-6), Brett's lack of focus leads to poor play and lost confidence.

Parents or coaches are on hand to offer good advice in both titles, and adult problems like divorce and money woes stay on the periphery. Most of the action takes place on the field or court where the characters learn sports values as well as the skills and the techniques of the game. Young readers will devour these stories, along with their painless lessons, and still have time to join their friends for games.
- Marilyn Taniguchi

Dugout Rivals

Available in paperback and E-book.

The Story

Jake is pumped about the upcoming season. He’s a pretty good shortstop, but there’s a new kid Adam who can do it all — pitch, hit, and field. Adam’s talents start to dominate every game and Jake resents all the attention he’s getting. Everything changes, however, when Jake learns something about Adam and something about himself.

The History

Many great players overshadowed their teammates, but even the best players couldn’t win by themselves. Babe Ruth needed Lou Gehrig and Michael Jordan needed Scottie Pippen. Learn the stories of those dynamic duos.