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Hardcourt Comeback

The Story

Brett is a star player on his basketball team…or at least he thought he was. Then he misses an easy layup at the buzzer that cost his team the game. And things get worse. At a friend’s party at a rock climbing center, Brett freezes on the wall. Then he blows an easy question in the history bee at school. He’s losing his confidence fast, both on and off the court and the championship game is coming. Can Brett overcome his fears and play like a winner again….

The History

The History (in the story and bonus chapter).
All basketball players have setbacks. But star athletes keep playing hard and get back on top on their game. Learn about two college players who made very embarrassing, game-losing mistakes. They felt terrible, but pulled themselves together, got focused, and made great comebacks!


Chapter Writing Prompts/Discussion Questions for students (55.3 KB)

Aligned with Common Core Reading standards