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Throwing Heat

Available in hardback, paperback and E-book.

The Story

Jack throws the fastest pitches in the league, but his blazing fastballs are all over the place. He’s racking up a lot of walks instead of strikeouts. A coach tries to show him some new pitches, but Jack loves bringing the heat. Will his fastball be his downfall, or can he change his game and start winning?

The History

Hall of Famer Sandy Koufax might not have become a legend if he had relied on his fastball. His career turned around when he started to settle down and use a variety of pitches to get the batters out. Like Jack, Koufax first had to learn that there’s more to pitching than just throwing heat.


Chapter-by-Chapter Writing Prompts/Discussion Questions (45.4 KB)

Aligned with Common Core Reading Standards