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Soccer Trophy Mystery

The Story

Twins, Aiden and Ava, play soccer in their county's under-14 boys and girls leagues.  They want their teams to win the league championships so their team names will be on the county trophies.  Aiden and Ava learn that the original championship trophy disappeared from the county library years ago and has never been recovered. 

Aiden and Ava, along with their friend Daniel, decide they want to solve the mystery of the missing soccer trophy.  As the three young detectives work to solve the mystery they discover some surprising things about their home town, its people and its past.  And about the most famous soccer trophy of them all.


The History

The men's World Cup soccer championship, which has been played since 1930, may be the most popular sporting event in the world.  A French sculptor designed a gold-plated trophy for the first championship.  In 1970, Brazil became the first country to win the World Cup three times and so got to keep the original trophy.  In 1983, however, thieves broke into the building where the trophy was being displayed and stole the trophy.  The police investigated but never recovered the trophy.

The mystery lives on.  What happened to the most famous sports trophy in the world?  Could it be somewhere waiting to be found?