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Real Hoops

The Story

Ben’s looking for a point guard for his school’s basketball team and finds the perfect one when he sees a kid named Hud playing at a local rec center. Lucky for Ben, Hud is transferring to Ben’s school in a few weeks. Hud can run, pass and shoot at top speed. But there’s a problem: he’s not much of a team player. Can Ben convince Hud to leave his hot-shot style back at the rec center and help the whole team wins some games?

The History

Some famous players started playing ball at playgrounds and rec centers. One of the most famous basketball playgrounds is “The Rucker” in New York City, where Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the leading scoring in the history of NBA, started out. Some other guys at the playground looked pretty good too. But playground ball is not “real hoops.” Playing for a team – like a school team or a professional team – is where players are really tested.


Chapter-by-Chapter Writing Prompts/Discussion Questions (45.6 KB)

Aligned with Common Core Reading Standards