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Quarterback Season

Available in paperback and E-book

The Story

Matt, an eighth grader, expects to be the starting quarterback on his middle school team. But he’s got some serious competition from a new seventh grader – the annoying but talented Devro Beech. To make matters worse, his English teacher is on his case about a new class assignment: he has to keep a journal. He doesn’t know what to write about. Then his teacher says, “Keep a diary about playing on the football team.” So he does. And as he writes, he starts paying closer attention to what’s happening on and off the field. And he discovers that not everything is what it seems to be…not even Devro

The History

In 1967 Jerry Kramer, a former football player with the Green Bay Packers, kept a diary that was made into a book titled, "Instant Replay." He gave people an inside look at what it was like to play pro ball. People loved it. "Instant Replay" was on the New York Times bestsellers list for 37 weeks.


Discussion Questions/Writing Prompts, Chapter by Chapter (39.4 KB)

Aligned with Common Core Reading Standards

Short Lesson: What is Ms. Ig Saying? (44.4 KB)

Aligned with Common Core Standards

Writing Lessons, Chapter by Chapter (90 KB)

Aligned with Common Core Writing Standards