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Winners Take All

The Story

The Reds and the Cubs are battling for first place in the Rising Stars League. The Reds have got to win today's game to push ahead in the standings. Kyle, the Reds center fielder, wants to win so much that he secretly cheats — just a little — to clinch the game for his team. His teammates go wild with victory. His parents beam with pride. Suddenly Kyle feels uneasy. But what can he do? He can't turn back now.

The History

Playing fair is an important part of a baseball player's character. Christy Mathewson, one of the first players inducted into the Hall of Fame, is a good example. He was so honest that home-plate umpires would ask him to help make calls while he was playing his position in the field.

For Teachers

Writing/Discussion Prompts (69.2 KB)

Common Core chapter-by-chapter open-ended questions.

Discussion questions for small groups (59.1 KB)

Questions to help jumpstart a group discussion